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Replacement 9600mAh High Capacity 12 Cell Toshiba PABAS099 PABAS174 Battery

Buy cheap and high quality rechargeable 12 Cell Toshiba PABAS099 PABAS174 Battery for your notebook computer. We guarantee the 12 Cell Toshiba PABAS099 PABAS174 Battery for 1 year and 30-day money-back.

12 Cell Toshiba PABAS099 PABAS174 Battery
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12 Cell Toshiba PABAS099 PABAS174 Battery

    Product Information
  • Compatible Part Numbers:
  • Toshiba PA3534U-1BAS, PA3534U-1BRS, PA3535U-1BAS, PA3535U-1BRS, PA3682U-1BRS, PA3727U-1BAS, PA3727U-1BRS, PABAS098, PABAS099, PABAS174
  • Capacity: 9600mAh / 12Cell
  • Voltage: 10.8 V
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 738.8g
  • Dimension: 275.60 x 47.60 x 42.30 mm
  • Inventory: In Stock
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12 Cell Toshiba PABAS099 PABAS174 Battery fit models:

    Equium A200 series Equium A200-15i Equium A200-196
    Equium A200-1AC Equium A210-17I Equium A300D-13X
    Equium A300D-16C Equium L300-146 Equium L300-17Q
    Satellite A200 Series Satellite A200-12F Satellite A200-13L
    Satellite A200-13T Satellite A200-13U Satellite A200-17X
    Satellite A200-180 Satellite A200-182 Satellite A200-18T
    Satellite A200-18W Satellite A200-193 Satellite A200-19C
    Satellite A200-19I Satellite A200-19K Satellite A200-19M
    Satellite A200-1A9 Satellite A200-1AA Satellite A200-1AB
    Satellite A200-1Ai Satellite A200-1AS Satellite A200-1BW
    Satellite A200-1CC Satellite A200-1CG Satellite A200-1DA
    Satellite A200-1DN Satellite A200-1DQ Satellite A200-1DR
    Satellite A200-1DS Satellite A200-1DT Satellite A200-1G6
    Satellite A200-1G9 Satellite A200-1GD Satellite A200-1GF
    Satellite A200-1HU Satellite A200-1O5 Satellite A200-1O6
    Satellite A200-1O7 Satellite A200-1QU Satellite A200-1QZ
    Satellite A200-1RK Satellite A200-1SC Satellite A200-1SV
    Satellite A200-1TB Satellite A200-1TJ Satellite A200-1TO
    Satellite A200-1UM Satellite A200-1VG Satellite A200-1VP
    Satellite A200-1VT Satellite A200-1YO Satellite A200-25W
    Satellite A200-27U Satellite A200-2BL Satellite A200-2BO
    Satellite A200-M00 Satellite A200-ST2041 Satellite A200-ST2042
    Satellite A200-ST2043 Satellite A202 Satellite A203
    Satellite A205 Series Satellite A205-S4537 Satellite A205-S4557
    Satellite A205-S4567 Satellite A205-S4577 Satellite A205-S4578
    Satellite A205-S4587 Satellite A205-S4597 Satellite A205-S4607
    Satellite A205-S4617 Satellite A205-S4618 Satellite A205-S4629
    Satellite A205-S4638 Satellite A205-S4639 Satellite A205-S4707
    Satellite A205-S4777 Satellite A205-S4787 Satellite A205-S4797
    Satellite A205-S5800 Satellite A205-S5801 Satellite A205-S5803
    Satellite A205-S5804 Satellite A205-S5805 Satellite A205-S5806
    Satellite A205-S5809 Satellite A205-S5810 Satellite A205-S5811
    Satellite A205-S5812 Satellite A205-S5813 Satellite A205-S5814
    Satellite A205-S5816 Satellite A205-S5819 Satellite A205-S5821
    Satellite A205-S5823 Satellite A205-S6808 Satellite A205-S6810
    Satellite A205-S6812 Satellite A205-S7442 Satellite A205-S7443
    Satellite A205-S7456 Satellite A205-S7458 Satellite A205-S7459
    Satellite A205-S7464 Satellite A205-S7466 Satellite A205-S7468
    Satellite A210 Series Satellite A210-103 Satellite A210-106
    Satellite A210-109 Satellite A210-10A Satellite A210-10C
    Satellite A210-10L Satellite A210-10Y Satellite A210-111
    Satellite A210-117 Satellite A210-11K Satellite A210-11P
    Satellite A210-128 Satellite A210-12U Satellite A210-12Z
    Satellite A210-130 Satellite A210-131 Satellite A210-135
    Satellite A210-149 Satellite A210-14T Satellite A210-14U
    Satellite A210-151 Satellite A210-15A Satellite A210-15Y
    Satellite A210-162 Satellite A210-165 Satellite A210-16Y
    Satellite A210-172 Satellite A210-173 Satellite A210-17R
    Satellite A210-17S Satellite A210-17X Satellite A210-17Z
    Satellite A210-1BX Satellite A210-ST1616 Satellite A215 Series
    Satellite A215-S4697 Satellite A215-S4717 Satellite A215-S4737
    Satellite A215-S4747 Satellite A215-S4757 Satellite A215-S4767
    Satellite A215-S4807 Satellite A215-S4817 Satellite A215-S7427
    Satellite A215-S7428 Satellite A215-S7433 Satellite A215-S7444
    Satellite A215-S7447 Satellite A215-S7472 Satellite A300 Series
    Satellite A300-00Q Satellite A300-08V Satellite A300-08W
    Satellite A300-10M Satellite A300-177 Satellite A300-18K
    Satellite A300-19O Satellite A300-19Q Satellite A300-19R
    Satellite A300-1BZ Satellite A300-1DB Satellite A300-1DG
    Satellite A300-1FP Satellite A300-1HV Satellite A300-1IJ
    Satellite A300-1IW Satellite A300-1J1 Satellite A300-1JF
    Satellite A300-1L0 Satellite A300-1MC Satellite A300-1ME
    Satellite A300-1MX Satellite A300-1OM Satellite A300-1OT
    Satellite A300-1QD Satellite A300-1QM Satellite A300-1R2
    Satellite A300-1SO Satellite A300-1SP Satellite A300-M01
    Satellite A300-P01 Satellite A300-ST3501 Satellite A300-ST3502
    Satellite A300-ST3511 Satellite A300-ST3512 Satellite A300-ST4004
    Satellite A300-ST4505 Satellite A300-ST6511 Satellite A300D-154
    Satellite A300D-15B Satellite A300D-17I Satellite A300D-17L
    Satellite A305 Series Satellite A305-S6825 Satellite A305-S6829
    Satellite A305-S6833 Satellite A305-S6834 Satellite A305-S6837
    Satellite A305-S6839 Satellite A305-S6841 Satellite A305-S6843
    Satellite A305-S6844 Satellite A305-S6845 Satellite A305D Series
    Satellite A305D-S6831 Satellite A305D-S6835 Satellite A350 series
    Satellite A350-ST3601 Satellite A350D series Satellite A355 series
    Satellite A355-S6924 Satellite A355-S6931 Satellite A355D Series
    Satellite A500 series Satellite A500-03P Satellite A500-040
    Satellite A500-042 Satellite A500-11U Satellite A500-15M
    Satellite A500-15N Satellite A500-ST5601 Satellite A500-ST5602
    Satellite A500-ST6621 Satellite A505 series Satellite A505-S6960
    Satellite A505-S6965 Satellite A505-S6966 Satellite A505-S6967
    Satellite A505-S6969 Satellite A505-S6970 Satellite A505-S6971
    Satellite A505-S6972 Satellite A505-S6973 Satellite A505-S6975
    Satellite A505-S6976 Satellite A505-S6979 Satellite A505D series
    Satellite A505D-S6958 Satellite A505D-S6968 Satellite L200 Series
    Satellite L201 Satellite L202 Satellite L203
    Satellite L205 Satellite L300 Series Satellite L300-13R
    Satellite L300-13Z Satellite L300-149 Satellite L300-14G
    Satellite L300-16L Satellite L300-18D Satellite L300-18E
    Satellite L300-19F Satellite L300-19N Satellite L300-19U
    Satellite L300-19Y Satellite L300-1AP Satellite L300-1AQ
    Satellite L300-1AR Satellite L300-1AS Satellite L300-1AX
    Satellite L300-1BD Satellite L300-1BG Satellite L300-1BV
    Satellite L300-1BW Satellite L300-1CM Satellite L300-1CU
    Satellite L300-20A Satellite L300-700 Satellite L300-900
    Satellite L300-F00 Satellite L300-R00 Satellite L300-S00
    Satellite L300-ST2501 Satellite L300-ST3502 Satellite L300D Series
    Satellite L300D-11V Satellite L300D-12I Satellite L300D-12L
    Satellite L300D-13S Satellite L300D-ST3501 Satellite L305 Series
    Satellite L305-S5883 Satellite L305-S5924 Satellite L305D Series
    Satellite L305D-S5870 Satellite L305D-S5874 Satellite L305D-S5890
    Satellite L455-S5975 Satellite L500 series Satellite L500-01V
    Satellite L500-11N Satellite L500-11V Satellite L500-128
    Satellite L500-13N Satellite L500-13V Satellite L500-ST2521
    Satellite L500-ST5507 Satellite L500D series Satellite L500D-11R
    Satellite L500D-ST2531 Satellite L500D-ST5501 Satellite L500D-ST5600
    Satellite L505 series Satellite L505-S5964 Satellite L505-S5966
    Satellite L505-S5967 Satellite L505-S5969 Satellite L505-S6946
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    Satellite L555-S7918 Satellite L555D series Satellite L555D-S7909
    Satellite L555D-S7910 Satellite L555D-S7912 Satellite M200 Series
    Satellite M200-ST2001 Satellite M200-ST2002 Satellite M202
    Satellite M203 Satellite M205 Series Satellite M205-S3207
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    Satellite Pro A300-193 Satellite Pro A300-194 Satellite Pro A300-195
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    Satellite Pro A300-1O9 Satellite Pro A300-1OP Satellite Pro A300-1OQ
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    Satellite Pro A300D-14O Satellite Pro L300 Series Satellite Pro L300-154
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    Satellite Pro L300D-120 Satellite Pro L300D-136 Satellite Pro L300D-138
    Satellite Pro L300D-13C Satellite Pro L450 series Satellite Pro L450-EZ1541
    Satellite Pro L450-EZ1542 Satellite Pro L450-EZ1543 Satellite Pro L550 series
    Satellite Pro L550-EZ1702    

Tips for 12 Cell Toshiba PABAS099 PABAS174 Battery:

1. Your new 12 Cell Toshiba PABAS099 PABAS174 Battery comes in a discharged condition and must be charged before use (refer to your computer manual for charging instructions). Upon initial use (or after a prolonged storage period) the battery may require two to three charge/discharge cycles before achieving maximum capacity.
2. When charging 12 Cell Toshiba PABAS099 PABAS174 Battery for the first time your computer may indicate that charging is complete after just 10 or 15 minutes. This is a normal phenomenon with rechargeable batteries. Simply remove the battery from the computer and repeat the charging procedure.
3. If 12 Cell Toshiba PABAS099 PABAS174 Battery will not be in use for a month or longer, it is recommended that it be removed from the device and stored in a cool, dry, clean place.
4. It is normal for 12 Cell Toshiba PABAS099 PABAS174 Battery to become warm during charging and discharging.
5. A charged 12 Cell Toshiba PABAS099 PABAS174 Battery will eventually lose its charge if unused. It may therefore be necessary to recharge the battery after a storage period.

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