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Replacement HP COMPAQ 324816-002

Buy cheap and high quality HP COMPAQ 324816-002 for your notebook computer. We guarantee the HP COMPAQ 324816-002 for 1 year and 30-day money-back.

HP COMPAQ 324816-002
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HP COMPAQ 324816-002

    Product Information
  • Compatible Part Numbers:
  • HP COMPAQ 324815-001, 324815-002, 325112-001, F5104A, DC895B, F4813A, 324816-001, 324816-002, 324816-003, 25112-001
  • AC Input: 100 ~ 240V 50~ 60Hz
  • DC Output: 19V 4.9A 93W
  • connector: 5.5 mm*2.5mm
  • Cord Cable: USA UK EU AU plug
  • Inventory: In Stock
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HP COMPAQ 324816-002 fit models:

  • Compaq Presario Notebooks 2100 Series:
    2175EA 2100AP, 2100CA, 2100CA, 2100LA, 2100US, 2100US,
    2100US CTO AMD, 2100US CTO INT, 2101AP, 2101US, 2101US,
    2102AP, 2102EA, 2102US, 2102US, 2103AP, 2103EA, 2104AP,
    2105AP, 2105CA, 2105CA, 2105EA, 2105LA, 2105US, 2105US,
    2106AP, 2106EA, 2106US, 2106US, 2107AP, 2107EA, 2108EA,
    2109EA, 2110AP, 2110CA, 2110CA, 2110EA, 2110LA, 2110US,
    2110US, 2111AP, 2111EA, 2112AP, 2112EA, 2113AP, 2114AP,
    2114EA, 2115AP, 2115EA, 2116AP, 2117AP, 2117EA, 2118AD,
    2118EA, 2118EA, 2119AD, 2119EA, 2120AD, 2120AP, 2120EA,
    2120LA, 2120US, 2122AD, 2123AD, 2123AP, 2124AD, 2124AP,
    2125AC, 2125AD, 2125AP, 2125EA, 2126AC, 2126AD, 2126EA,
    2127AC, 2127AD, 2127EA, 2127EA, 2128AC, 2128AD, 2128EA,
    2129AD, 2129EA, 2130AC, 2130AD, 2130AP, 2130EA, 2131AC,
    2131AD, 2131EA, 2132AC, 2132RS, 2132RS, 2133AC, 2133AD,
    2133AP, 2133EA, 2134AD, 2134EA, 2135AC, 2135AD, 2135AP,
    2135CA, 2135EA, 2135US, 2135US, 2136AC, 2136AD, 2136EA,
    2136RSH, 2136RSH, 2137AC, 2137AD, 2137EA, 2138AC, 2138AD,
    2138EA, 2139AC, 2139AD, 2140AC, 2140AD, 2140AP, 2140CA,
    2140US, 2140US, 2141AC, 2141AC, 2141AD, 2141EA, 2142EA,
    2143AD, 2143AP, 2144AD, 2144EA, 2145AD, 2145AP, 2145CA,
    2145EA, 2145US, 2145US, 2146AD, 2146EA, 2147AD, 2147EA,
    2148AD, 2148EA, 2149AD, 2149EA, 2150AP, 2150US, 2150US,
    2151AD, 2151EA, 2152EA, 2153AP, 2154AP, 2154EA, 2155AP,
    2155EA, 2155US, 2155US, 2156AP, 2156EA, 2157AP, 2158AP,
    2158EA, 2160EA, 2160US, 2161EA, 2162EA, 2163EA, 2164EA,
    2165EA, 2166EA, 2167EA, 2169EA, 2170US, 2172EA, 2173EA, 2175EA
    Compaq Presario2500 Series:
    2500AP, 2500LA, 2500AP, 2510AP, 2510EA, 2510LA ,
    2511EA, 2512EA, 2515AP, 2515EA, 2516EA, 2520AP ,
    2520EA, 2521EA, 2525AP, 2525CA, 2525EA, 2525US ,
    2526EA, 2528CL, 2530AP, 2535AP, 2535QV, 2538CL ,
    2540, 2540AP, 2545AP, 2545US, 2550AP, 2555AP,2555US,
    2560AP ,2565AP, 2575US ,DC944AV, DA733AV, DA734AV,
    DC606A,DC607A, DC720A, DC721A, DC755A,DC609A,DC817A,
    DC754A, DC717A, DC730A, DC731A,DC718A, DC732A,DC733A,
    DC722A, DC715AR, DC715A,DC734A ,K561A,DC728A,DK560A,
    DK558A, DK559A,2580US,2585US
    Compaq Business Notebook:
    n1050v DC749A,DC750A,DC751A, DJ105S, DJ106S,DC767T,DC768T
    DC769T, DC770T,DD152T, DD153T,DD154S, DE236S, DE237S,DJ156S
    HP Compaq Business Notebook:
    nx9000 DF981A, DF982A, DF984A, DF985A, DF986A,
    DF987A,DG211A, DG212A, DG213A, DG214A,DG223T,
    DG224T, DG225T, DG672A, DG673A, DG674A,DG675A,
    DG676A, DG677A, DG678A, DG679A, DG856A,DG857A,
    DG862A, DG863A, DG864A, DG865A, DG866A, DG868A,
    DG869A, DG870A, DG871A, DG872A, DG873A, DG874A,
    DG875A, DG876A, DG877A, DG878A, DG879A, DG880A,
    DG881A, DG882A, DG883A, DG884A, DG885A, DJ131S,
    DJ144S, DJ150S, DJ158S, DJ160S, DJ166S, DJ167S,DJ168S,
    DJ170S, DJ171S, DJ174S, DK452A, DK453A, DK787A, DK788A,
    DK789A,DK790A, DK938A, DK939A, DL015P,DL016P, DL040P,
    DL198P, DL199P, DL212P, DL930A, DL932A, DL933A,DL934A,
    DL935A, DM307P, DM308P, DM309P,DM310P,DM311P,DM316P,
    DM317P, DM318P, DM325P, DM556A,DM643A
    HP Pavilion ZE4000 - ZE5700 Series:
    ZE4000, ZE4100, ZE4115, ZE4125, ZE4145, ZE4200,
    ZE4201, ZE4202, ZE4202S, ZE4204,ZE4204S, ZE4205,
    ZE4206, ZE4206S, ZE4207, ZE4208,ZE4208S, ZE4209,
    ZE4210, ZE4211, ZE4212S, ZE4214,ZE4214S, ZE4215,
    ZE4217, ZE4218, ZE4219, ZE4220, ZE4221, ZE4222,
    ZE4224, ZE4228, ZE4229, ZE4230, ZE4231, ZE4232,
    ZE4232S,ZE4234, ZE4234S, ZE4236,ZE4239, ZE4240,
    ZE4241, ZE4251, ZE4258, ZE4261,ZE4262, ZE4268,
    ZE4271, ZE4274, ZE4274S, ZE4278,ZE4281,ZE4282,
    ZE4282S,ZE4284, ZE4288, ZE4292,ZE4294, ZE4298,
    ZE4300, ZE4301, ZE4302, ZE4305, ZE4305EA, ZE4306,
    ZE4306WM, ZE4307, ZE4308, ZE4310,ZE4310EA,ZE4311,
    ZE4312, ZE4313, ZE4314, ZE4314EA, ZE4315, ZE4315CA,
    ZE4315US, ZE4316, ZE4317, ZE4318, ZE4318US, ZE4319,
    ZE4320, ZE4321, ZE4325, ZE4325CA, ZE4325US, ZE4326,
    ZE4328, ZE4328US, ZE4332, ZE4333, ZE4334,ZE4335,
    ZE4335CA,ZE4335US, ZE4336, ZE4355, ZE4355US,ZE4356,
    ZE4537,ZE4358, ZE4358US, ZE4360, ZE4365, ZE4365US,ZE4367,
    ZE4400, ZE4400, ZE4401, ZE4401US,ZE4402, ZE4402US,ZE4403,
    ZE4404, ZE4410, ZE4410CA, ZE4417EA, ZE4420,ZE4420CA,
    ZE4420US,ZE4422, ZE4423, ZE4430, ZE4430US, ZE4453,
    ZE4454,ZE4455,ZE4455EA, ZE4500, ZE4501, ZE4501US, ZE4502,
    ZE4502US, ZE4504,ZE4505,ZE4507,ZE4508, ZE4509, ZE4510,
    ZE4525, ZE4525US, ZE4526,ZE4530, ZE4530US, ZE4540, ZE4540CA,
    ZE4540US, ZE4545, ZE4545US,ZE4546, ZE4547, ZE4550, ZE4560,
    ZE4560US, ZE4600, ZE4601, ZE4601US,ZE4602, ZE4602US, ZE4603,
    ZE4604, ZE4604US, ZE4605, ZE4605US, ZE4620, ZE4620US, ZE4624,
    ZE4624US, ZE4630, ZE4630US, ZE4640, ZE4640US, ZE5000, ZE5000,
    ZE5155, ZE5170, ZE5185, ZE5185, ZE5200, ZE5279, ZE5300, ZE5360,
    ZE5362, ZE5365, ZE5365US, ZE5367, ZE5367US, ZE5375, ZE5375US,
    ZE5385, ZE5385US, ZE5395, ZE5395US, ZE5400, ZE5407, ZE5410,
    ZE5413, ZE5415,ZE5450, ZE5451, ZE5451US, ZE5457, ZE5460,
    ZE5460US, ZE5462, ZE5467,ZE5468, ZE5468CL, ZE5470, ZE5470US,
    ZE5475, ZE5475CA, ZE5478, ZE5478CL, ZE5490, ZE5490US, ZE5497,
    ZE5500, ZE5501, ZE5501US, ZE5504, ZE5505,ZE5506, ZE5507, ZE5560,
    ZE5560US, ZE5565, ZE5565QV, ZE5568, ZE5568CL, ZE5570, ZE5570US,
    ZE5575,ZE5580, ZE5580US, ZE5587, ZE5590, ZE5590US, ZE5600, ZE5602, ZE5602US,ZE5603, ZE5603US, ZE5604, ZE5605, ZE5607WM, ZE5607WM,
    ZE5610, ZE5610CA, ZE5615, ZE5615CA, ZE5617, ZE5617WM, ZE5618,
    ZE5618CL, ZE5730, ZE5730US, ZE5731, ZE5731US, ZE5732
    HP Compaq Business Notebook:
    nx9005 DF988A, DF989A, DF990A, DF992A, DF993A,
    DF994A, DG194A, DG195A, DG196A, DG200A, DG201A
    DG202A, DG203A, DG220T, DG221T, DG222T
    HP Compaq Business Notebook:
    nx9010 DG072A, DG073A, DG074A, DG075A, DG076A,
    DG077A, DG078A, DG231A, DG232A, DG233A, DG234A,
    DG235A, DG236A, DG237A, DG238A, DG239A, DG240T,
    DG241T, DG242T, DG243T, DG638A, DG639A, DG640A,
    DG641A, DG642A, DG643A, DG644A, DG645A, DG646A,
    DG647A, DG887A, DG890A, DG891A, DG893A, DG895A,
    }DG897A, DG900A, DG901A, DG902A, DG903A, DG904A,
    DG905A, DG906A, DG907A, DG908A, DG909A, DG910A,
    DG911A, DH902A, DH903A, DJ123A, DJ123T, DJ124A,
    DJ124T, DJ157S,DJ162A, DJ162T, DJ172S, DK444A,
    DK445A, DK770A, DK771A, DK772A, DK940A, DL039P,
    DL141A, DL438A, DL800A, DL801A,DL802A, DL803A
    HP Pavilion N3000 - N5000 series:
    N3000, N3100, N3150, N3250, (N3290/5),
    N3310, N3330, N3350, N3370, N3390, N3410,
    N5000, N5000, N5100, N5100, N5125, N5130,
    N5150, (N5190/5), N5200,N5200, N5210, N5270,
    (N5290/5), N5300, N5300, N5340, N5350, N5380,
    (N5390/5) , N5400, N5511L, N5584
    HP Pavilion ZE1000 / XT / ZT Series:
    ZE1200, ZE1201, ZE1202, ZE1210,
    ZE1230, ZE1250, ZE1260,XT276,
    XT375, XT412, XT4345QV, XT5366WM,
    XT537QV, XT545, XT5477WM, XT595,ZT1000
    HP Pavilion Notebook
    XT276 ,DA731AV,DA732AV,DC603AR,DC603A
    XT4345QV, DC978AR,DC978A,DF835AR,DF835A
    XT537QV, DF861AR,DF861A, DC966AR,DC966A
    DK941AR, DK941A ,XT5477WM DK570AR,DK570A
    XT595, DE862AR,DE862A,DB397A,DC672AR,DC672A,
    DE861AR, DE861A,DC753AR,DC753A,DE863AR,DE863A

Note: Not all compatiable model# is listed.

Tips for HP COMPAQ 324816-002:

Please MAKE SURE you have order a correct connector

Pls make sure the DC OUTPUT of AC adapter & Connector size are accordant before order.

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Laptop AC Adapter 

AC Power Cord Cable (to fit your country)

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